Custom Orders

We offer custom commissioned flats & pieces, please contact us for more info.

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Visit our showroom in Arts District Los Angeles. Call 213.222.8911 or come by our regular office hours.

Wall Flats

We offer both an in stock selection of cleared flats as well as custom orders.

Wall Flats


Outskirts Art Newest Artist


Cleared Artwork

We offer a large selection of in stock fully cleared art for your next shoot or event.

Cleared Art


We carry a wide selection of art supplies for any project



Outskirts Art Newest Artist


We’re an artist run wall flat & art rental company based in the Arts District in Los Angeles. Scroll down to view our services & inventory or hit us up if you have a question!

Graffiti Flats

Our wall flats, typically 8 ft tall by 12 ft wide mimic exterior environments and allow for shoots with realistic urban backgrounds, minus the noise, cost and parking woes of the real world. We have an inventory of stock wall flats yet Custom Wall Flats can be fabricated and painted to each clients needs.

See Our Past Events

Outskirts Art is fully integrated with the booming art scene in Arts District. We host events as well as collaborate with local like-minded galleries and venues. Check our events page to see what we’ve been up to.

Cleared Artwork

In conjunction with Art Flat Rentals, we also offer a full range of 100% cleared artwork including Graffiti, Abstract, Surreal, Erotic, Photography, and much more. Scroll through our Art Rentals area for an extensive look at all of the artwork we have to offer. Artist agreements available upon request.

Custom Orders & Commissions

We keep an extensive list of local and international artists available for whatever your mural, graffiti and artistic needs may be.

Are You an Artist Interested in Having us Rent Your Work?

It is Outskirts Art’s primary goal to become a courier from artist to industry, providing artists with a safe and accessible entry into the film, entertainment, and fashion industries. The artist is Outskirts Art’s number one priority. Each and every work provided is protected with a full contract, leaving the artist in full control of their works.

Shop & Sales

We stock everything from Spray Cans, paints and markers to vinyls and giclee prints for sale.